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Wamba Mediakit     Presentation Wamba White Label

  • The largest affiliate network in Eastern Europe.

  • We've been working on the partner solutions network for more than 6 years.

  • Convenient and simple connection, thus work is not demanding:

    • hosting;
      payments for connection and use of a partner program;
      efforts on site maintenance of a site, moderation, answers to user questions, etc.

  • It's a “white label” dating system, so you can operate fully under our brand.

  • Integrates easily into any project.

  • You can get started quickly. It generally requires no more than a day from the date of registration.

  • The opportunity for cross authorisation, for large projects with own authorisation.

What will you receive?
  • 30% of expenses for users registered on your site.

  • 100% of the sale of advertising space (top and bottom of the site). Our users spend 3-4 hours daily in the system and browse at least 40 pages.

  • 30% of the distribution of contextual advertising.

  • The opportunity to concentrate only on attracting traffic to the site – we take care of everything else!

  • Daily support for any issues related to the maintenance of your site.

  • Legal contracts, bank payments and more.