March 27, 2015 Wamba offers its partners a new platform for cooperation


Collaboration through Wamba’s partner programme has taken on a new format. New participants will sign up on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis, receiving income depending on the online activities of users they have attracted to the site. This will increase partner revenues by almost half their current total.

Ten years ago, Wamba was one of the first to offer the necessary internet resources for creating dating sections and websites on a white label* basis. Over the years, the number of websites participating in the programme has grown to 50,000 around the world. However, when we analysed the structure of the commissions we were paying under the current system, we realized that 98% of revenue was being taken by the 20 largest partner services. Because of this, we decided to change our partnership conditions to make them more profitable for both website owners and the company itself.

From this year onwards, our new partners will be offered cooperation on a CPA basis for users they have attracted to the site. This means that website owners can now send their users directly to Wamba. Revenue is calculated depending on what actions users carry out on the site – registering, using billable services, and so on. Previously, the standard division of income was 30/70 in Wamba’s favour; now the portion received by the partner has increased by 45%. For large partners, the option of cooperation via the creation of their own website or dating section is still available, as are branded mobile apps. This means that Wamba’s partner programme now offers effective schemes of cooperation for all entities wishing to join.

“The focus of the company is currently to develop the Wamba  brand, and to increase the profitability of our partnership programme. The new format for cooperation will allow us to achieve both these aims simultaneously. We are interested in small as well as large partners, and can offer a profitable model of operation for entities of various sizes. As we are actively developing our international presence, we are prepared to discuss individual conditions with partners who cater to an international audience. This includes the possibility of a fully paid regime for sites prepared to attract users from European and Asian countries,” said Iaroslav Sergeev, Wamba Executive Director.

* White Label is a type of collaboration within the partner marketing (affiliate) set-up which provides the partner with web and mobile sites on a turnkey basis (major partners can also acquire mobile apps). The partner’s brand is used. The partner makes money according to a shared income model, and is responsible for the promotion of the product under their brand.