March 4, 2015 Mobile dating: a success story from |


The total number of users for Wamba mobile products grew by 51% from January 2014 to January 2015. This figure encompasses mobile sites and apps for Android and iOS from Mamba, Wamba, Love@Mail, and Love@Rambler.

In January 2015, the number of mobile app users approached the one million mark, and mobile site users on keypad and touchscreen phones exceeded 1.4 million for the month. App downloads increased by 77% and registration of new users by 143% compared to January 2014.

“Overall we are happy with the way our mobile service is developing, although clearly there is still plenty of room for improvement. This applies to both the various new apps in the online dating segment, and above all to monetization. In 2014 the iOS platform gave us 85% of our total income from mobile apps. However, the average growth of 7% per month that we have seen in the number of paying customers on Android over the last six months allows us to plan more aggressively to improve the monetization of the product on this platform,” says Iaroslav Sergeev, Executive Director of (

Despite devaluation, which has had a significant impact on advertising revenue (particularly in Q4 2014), user monetization has seen a growth in average spending on key mobile platforms – of 19% on iOS and 6% on Android over the last three months.

“The mobile component of dating services has fast become a determining factor with regard to product quality. This is why we have focused specifically on this area with our key partners. Wamba is the only company on the international market to offer white label mobile apps to major partners, which as far as I’m concerned is where our strategic advantage lies,” adds Sergeev.