October 30, 2013 CPA Partner Programme from Wamba Social Dating Service: New Revenue Opportunities for Websites

In 2004 Mamba - the company which currently owns the Wamba international social discovery brand - launched a white label partner programme. An innovation in the Russian segment of the Web, this programme made it possible for anyone to create a social dating site or section within a site with a large audience. These partners could earn money in the form of commission from payments made by users on their site. Wamba’s affiliate network currently includes over 30 000 sites throughout the world.

A new form of partnership based on the CPA (cost per action) model was launched at the end of October. With this model, sites will earn income from specific actions carried out by their users. Partners can now choose the option for monetising traffic that works best for them: commission from payments made by users, or a fixed payment for a specific event: signing up for a profile, for example. Depending on the particular characteristics of the site, site owners can select the event categories that will earn them the most money. Now any website that meets specific requirements can submit an application and join one or another version of the partner programme.

Yaroslav Sergeev, the Executive Director of Wamba International Social Dating Service, notes that: “One of the strengths of our project has always been our partner toolkit, and we’re constantly trying to develop it further and keep it up to date with the current market. Around a year ago, we completely updated our old partner system product; we added new settings and real-time reports. Now the time has come for new partnership options, starting with CPA based on the traditional web product. We completely understand that not every partner finds it convenient to create their own social dating site, and our new partnership option has been created with them specifically in mind.”