October 1, 2013 Social Discovery Site Users: Who Are they?

We’re often asked the question: “Who uses social discovery websites?” The person asking the question inevitably adds that he has never registered with us and has no idea how it all works. According to our statistics, in 80% of cases this is not strictly speaking true! But that’s not what we’re discussing today.

It’s amazing how for many people, the Wamba user is a kind of imaginary character with particular characteristics and behaviour. We never tire of saying that every fifth Russian internet user is registered in our system. In this case, the arithmetic is pretty straightforward: every person has someone in their social circle that uses Wamba. So sometimes all you need to do is look at your friends, work colleagues or even people sitting next to you at a restaurant to see what our users are like. 

Here are some statistics about our audience:

57% of our registered users are men, and 43% are women;
They are between 27-40 years old;
Managers and executives with higher education and fixed income;
In their free time they travel, go to restaurants and play sport. 

Let’s look at an example:
Meet Maria, a 27-year old woman. Maria is a sales manager who works in an office from 9-6. In the evenings, she sometimes meets up with friends and plays sport. She’s so busy she doesn’t have much free time for making new friends and socializing. She isn’t prepared to just meet random people on the street or sit in a restaurant batting her eyelashes and waiting for someone to notice her. She’s also not interested in guys who wear too much hair gel and designer shoes and are constantly partying in nightclubs. She wants to find a real relationship and romance, which might eventually lead to her settling down and starting a happy family of her own.

It’s the same for a man who’s ready to meet the right woman. It’s been a long time since he was a teenager thinking up silly chat-up lines and stopping girls on the street. At the same time, he’s worried that he will get rejected even if he tries to approach a woman. He’s a successful, grown man who doesn’t want to feel awkward asking women out. 

People come to Wamba to meet people. They can say openly that they are single and looking for a relationship. To start up a conversation, all you need to do is write a sentence or two at whatever time suits you. And we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s much easier to send a brief message than to go up to someone and start speaking to them. In fact, it’s everything modern people need to find someone to share their lives with.

Meeting people is always fun with Wamba!