May 14, 2013 Wamba — the International Social Discovery Brand from Mamba

For over 10 years, Mamba has owned the Global Social Dating Service, which is the biggest project of its kind on the core market in Russia and the CIS. The statistics confirm Mamba’s leading position: there are over 24,000,000 registered user profiles in Mamba’s system, and almost 1,000,000 of those users are online at any given time. Today Mamba is the most popular and user-friendly service in Russia both for users and partners. Experience has proven that for users, Mamba has long since become synonymous with “meeting people online”, and over 30,000 sites have joined the company’s partner programme, including the biggest portals on Runet. So anyone looking to meet someone online is registered with Mamba, one way or another! It is clear from the above that the product meets all of users’ and partners’ needs. As a result, the project’s growth and development within the current market is only limited by how quickly the Russian internet audience grows, which is beyond the company’s control. For this reason, Mamba has taken the logical step of starting a new project that will be available not just on the Russian market, but on the international market too.

This spring, the Wamba brand was launched. Wamba will represent the company on the global market, and replace the Mamba brand in Russia. This means that current Global Social Dating Service products will remain the same for users and partners, but all new products will be launched under the new international brand. A unique visual style has been developed for Wamba, following research findings with focus groups in various countries. The site will have the same features as Mamba, including the white label model partner programme – a novel feature in the internet markets of many countries. Now any website can create its own social discovery section or a full social discovery site, irrespective of language or location. Wamba is perfect for easily communicating with an international audience: the site is available in multiple languages, and all premium services are adapted for use in any part of the world.

Yaroslav Sergeev, the Executive Director of Mamba, notes that: “We have focused on improving the product, which was created exclusively for a Russian-speaking audience years ago. We still have a lot of work to do: launching brand new mobile applications and partnerships with leading players in a range of international markets, new services and ways of meeting people. But now we’re ready to present our new ‘face’ to the world: it’s striking, interesting, carefully considered and planned, and free from the complex past legacy of the Mamba brand. Our service is excellent in comparison with our international competitors, and I’m very pleased that the content finally has the design it deserves.