April 16, 2013 Bulgarian dating Aha.bg has become “Wamba” dating net partner

Since this April the most popular Bulgarian dating service aha.bg belongs to Wamba dating net. Currently the databases have already been united and Bulgarian users can try and enjoy new services.

“Wamba” audience consists of 23 000 000 people from all over the world. The system is translated into 16 languages and this number rises gradually that makes the service convenient for international dating. Statistics shows that people use this opportunity favorably to find relations in another country.

This year the World Dating Service obtained Aha.bg. At the moment more than 80% of the Internet audience is registered on the website. This is one of the most popular resources of the country which is actively used every day. The users have already praised new profile interface, high resolution big photos, new services and nice gifts. Now aha.bg is a sufficient website of “Wamba” partnership net. Each profile was credited money to the account to try and enjoy new services. Unifying the dating with “Wamba” empowered the Bulgarian website to rise to a whole new level of business.

Yaroslav Sergeev, executive director of “Wamba” says: “Recently we have been announcing our plans for penetrating the international market in various media. The integration with the biggest Bulgarian dating system has marked significantly this direction. It is my pleasure to open the second decade of “Wamba” history with such inception. And I am sure that this news about our overseas success is not the last".