Customer Support

Customer support and efforts aimed at gaining user loyalty – is an important component of success for any big project. We recommend to pay special attention to feedback and questions from users, especially if they are related to paid services and troubles with payments.

On the platform level feedback between users and a developer is performed via link “Send a message to the author”, which can be found on the application page. Link address is specified by the author in the field «URL of external support» in application settings. Following the given address a user shall see a form to write a message or visit developers' forum. It is forbidden to send users to empty or less informative pages without a possibility to write a message.

If the field is left empty (it is not required to fill it in) then a standard mechanism for support of «Wamba» users is used. In this case a link opens correspondence with the developer and developer's profile must be impersonal. In the developer's contacts messages from this correspondence get into a special system folder, which corresponds to the name of the application.

If a developer ignores users' complaints and they get stored up in the Platform support service, developer's application may be blocked for noncomplience with p. 1.4. of the terms of application placement.