1. How can I use «Wamba» API? Which methods are available and where can I read more about them?
    First you need to log in with any activated profile into developer's interface. In the main menu of the site you choose: Applications/Information for developers/Developer's page. You will have to set a developer's password, more about which you can read in question 5. In the developer's interface you can add new applications, change their status, order money withdrawals, view different statistics and do lots of other useful and interesting things. Instructions how to work with API is given in detail at «Interaction of application with API», a list of methods is given at «Methods of server API» and «JS API methods».
  2. What is the difference between «Wamba» API and similar services of social networks? Can I make use of some of its unique features?
    «Wamba» - is not a social network, and its API is somewhat different from similar mechanisms of social networks. Key features are:
    1. Access to «hitlist», i.е. to the list of those who viewed the profile of your user.
    2. Access to «Wamba» brief search i.e. serch for profiles according to 5-6 selected parameters.
    3. Mechanism of «Favorite» applications, which beside the viral channel is a tool for creating an effective landing page of new users. Id of a user from the “Favorites” of whose a click was made is attached to the application. This enables to “land” a person who clicked any information, available to the application, about an owner of the profile which he or she found interesting, e.g. game profile, list of ads etc. Application is also able to check whether it is placed into “Favorites” or not and if not – to motivate a user to do so.
    A full list of methods can be found at link. Most of developers at the moment simply port applications from other networks, making no use of the unique features of the Platform of «Wamba». However careful study of our functionality may give you a unique advantage over your competitors!
  3. Which viral channels does your Platform have?
    1. Mechanism of «Favorite » applications, described in question 2 in “Viral channels in a profile” at link.
    2. Mechanism of «Achievement board». This is a record feed line in a user profile, in which every application can place one text line with additional get-parameters for the link. When adding a new record on the board an old one is automatically deleted. More about the «achievement board» you can read in section «Viral channels in a profile», mentioned in the previous point.
    3. Sending an inviting message to a messanger from a user to other system users. At the moment there are several methods of inviting new users: server API (contacts.sendMessage) and JS API (openContactRequestLayer и openDirectContactRequestLayer. We urge all developers use JS API. To eliminate possibility of spam-attacks this method has the following restrictions:
      • The sender of the message must be online when a message is being sent and must be in the application (awareness of sending);
      • If the sender of the message is also an application user – there are no restrictions.
      • If the recipient is not an application user and he or she has no previous correspondence with the sender, then it is not possible to send a message (restriction for making new contacts)
      • If the recipient is not an application user but he or she has previously corresponded with the sender, then a daily limit for sending messages – not more than 100 messages from each user. Further on restrictions for server API will get stricter, while restrictions for JS API methods will remain the same.
    4. Sending a system message to any user regardless of his online-status by notify.sendMessage method. Your message will be sent on behalf of a system contact «Application Manager» and will contain information about your application.
  4. I have an idea of an application/ready application. How shall I know if you accept it for placement or not? Why was my application declined for a reason of «incomplience with the placement rules»?
    Answering this question we should first of all draw your attention to very important points of the terms of application placement, which are unfortunately often ignored by developers:
    You are not allowed to ask users to provide their system authorization data, including telephone numbers.
    You are not allowed to use aggressive virality i.e. block the application until a user invites other users to the application.
    You are not allowed to place advertisement in your application. About placement of advertisements in applications please read carefulluy question 10.
    You are not allowed to plae external links i.e. links which direct traffic outside the system.
    You are not allowed to realize your own billing.
    Piracy is prohibited!
    You are not allowed to place duplicates of «Wamba» service.
    The first part of the rules is particularly important and frequently ignored! «Wamba» - is a dating resource and we do not intend to transform it into a game portal. That's why we accept for placement first of all applications which in a certain manner realize dating mechanisms (p.1.1. of the rules). If you want to present a purely game application (traditional farms, city builders, strategies, rpg etc.), you should pay special attention to the points 1.1.-1.3. of the rules. In short in your application should be present:
    1. Links from game profiles to user profiles, and it is required that you use a correct partner domain which is given in partner_url parameter (p. 1.2. of the rules).
    2. The game application must contain quests, completing which requires combined efforts of heterosexual players. The more such quests the game has the better. The more romantic they are (a romantic date here is more preferable than a battle with a raid-boss) – the better.
    If you are not sure that your application complies with the rules or you want to get your idea audited before it is realized – contact the Manager of the Application platform at . He will be glad to help you with advice and to give his idea.
  5. What is a developer's password and what is it for? I forgot it, how can I restore it?
    Developer's password is created by you when you first log into the interface of application placement. It is needed to secure additionally you account, to divide access to application support and application management. This means that profile password gives access to correspondence with clients (more about it in question 16), and developer's password gives access to interfaces of statistics and management. In case your system profile is hacked developer's password will secure you application data and financial details of your relations with Wamba. The password is required for a single time when you enter the management interface and requires a second input when taking crucial measures (changing application status, change of WM-wallet etc.)
    You cannot restore the forgotten password automatically. To change it and get a new variant via SMS on your mobile phone you need to write a message at    and tell maximum of the condidential information about your profile: email address, mobile phone number, which is attached to the profile, secret keys to your applications etc.
  6. My company is not satisfied with the published agreement-offer and withdrawal of the money earned via WebMoney. We would like to order a printed paper agreement and get comission transferred to our banking account. Is it possible?
    If your company is registered in the Russian Federation, there is no problem with signing a paper version of the agreement and bank transfer. In the agreement we can take into consideration all your requests and claims about the published offer. To discuss questions related to agreement and financial issues please address the Manager of the Application platform at e-mail.
  7. I would like to change description and/or application icon, but it is possible only in the testing mode which means subsequent moderation. How can I avoid it? I do not want my application stay offline.
    Changing attributes without subsequent moderation is available only for applications with DAU index over 1000. This restriction is designed to protect the system from spam.
  8. I have a lot of declined applications stored up in the interface, how can I delete them?
    They are deleted automatically in 2 months after they were declined. All their statistics data for the period of work will also be deleted.
  9. I would like to make money on advertising in my application. How can I do this without violating the rules of placement and risking to be blocked?
    At the moment placement rules allow only two formats of advertising – branding product placement without external links and cross-advertising of applications inside the system. Banner advertising and offer programs are not allowed according to the points 2.6. and 2.9. of the placement terms.
  10. Can I create an application for a mobile device which would use your API?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment.
  11. How can I test my application if proper testing requires at least 5-6 subscribers, and all I have is only a developer's profile?
    For every application in the testing mode an ability to add up to 20 test-profiles is made available. In this mode on the application page an informer is displayed indicating that the application is in the testing mode at the moment, has not yet undergone moderation and a tester uses it at his or her own risk.
  12. Can I use JS API out of flash or is it available only for iframe-applications?
    All JS API methods without exclusion are directly available out of flash. You do not need to connect any additional flash-libraries.
  13. What are the minimal parameters of the application window?
    Minimal parameters are: width - 600px, height — 100px.
  14. I want to sell in my application real products with a fixed price. How can I do that?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible. To sell any products, their prices must be shown to users in a showcase. Let us assume that some product cots 100 rubles. Different payment methods have different comission: ranging from a few per cent when paying via banking cards or terminals to tens of per cent when paying via sms. It is impossible to predict which payment method a user will choose. Thus to be sure that you get 100 rubles you need to set a price 104 rubles in case of payment via a banking card and 150 rubles in case of payment via sms. And if you add comission of the partner site (more about it in the following question) to the uncertainty of a payment method – then you will see that cost difference for the same product may range from 60% to 80% of its real cost. And obviously nobody will buy a product for 180 rubles if its real cost is 100 rubles just to compensate developer's expenses.
  15. According to my statistics my application users have spent 1000 coins in the application. But I see only 400 coins on my account. Where are the rest, you promised I would get 50%?!
    Terms of reward accrual are described in detail in p.4.1 of the offer. Shortly speaking, Wamba gives developers 50% of its earnings made on application user payments on any site. The key point here is a term «its earnings». This is also described in the offer, but it's worth commenting on some points in more understandable terms.
    Total - money spent by a user in the system
    Aggr - payment system comission (from 2-5% when paying with a banking card or via terminals, and up to 40-60% when paying via sms)
    Partner - site-partner comission, which constitute the Global Dating Service (from standars 30% to N% for super-exclusive)
    Dev - application developer's earnings
    Thus we see that on any site:
    Dev = (Total - Aggr - Partner)*0.5 (i.е. 50% of Wamba earnings)
    At the present moment re-signing of partner agreements is discussed so that partner comission is paid not with the money that comes into the system, but with the money that is spent in the system. Besides it is supposed that money spent in applications will not be subject to partner comission. (Wamba will share with them the rest 50% of its earnings) When the discussion is finished we will surely notify all the developers.
  16. In the field «URL of external support» I gave a link to correspondence with my profile. But my application was declined for some reason. What's the matter?
    We highly recommend you to study section «Application user support» on the page of the instruction for work with the Platform. There in great detail mechanism of work of field «URL of external support» is described, and it is explained why you shouldn't put a link to your profile in it. To keep the profile confidential must be important for the developer himself first of all. Using standard mechanisms of access dividing (question 5) you can entitle a support service worker to log in the profile and process user complaints.