Viral channels

As it has been already mentioned in the other sections, «Wamba» - is not a social network and it has no such mechanisms as for example “friends-making”, this means that viral opportunities of the Platform are partially restricted. To compensate these restrictions in the process of Platform development new channels have been constructed, which practically have no analogy on other platforms.

Favorite applications

First of all this is a block “Favorite applications” in a user profile. Whether a user places there some application or not – is completely up to this user to decide. However with the help of anketa.inFavourites method an application can check if the application is listed as favorite or not, and if it is not listed, it can induce a user to place it in the folder “Favorite applications”.

This block has an eye-catching position in a profile (on the very first page, right after the block “About me”), and besides allows to manage traffic attracted with it more efficiently. When a user clicks on the application from “Favorites”, id of user profile is recorded as fav_id and it can be processed e.g. as follows:

Achievement board

The second viral channel of the Platform is “Achievement board”. Calling achievement.set method an application can add any text message on the user's board. To get feedback and realize virality (to see from whose profile a click was made etc.) extra_params parameter can be used in the method, which will be added to the end of the link to the application. Records on the board are sorted out according to the date of adding, new records appear at the top. Thus a developer should be commercially interested to think of reasons for updating records on his users' boards.

Invitations and notifications

Wamba also has traditional viral channels in form of invitations and notifications. To invite users to an application JS API methods can be used, which call forth a system dialogue of inviting friends:


This method calls forth a general dialogue of selecting friends from all user's contacts. A user needs to choose friends whom he or she would like to invite to an application and press button “Send”. Here a user needs to send a text of invitation that will be seen for invited users.


This method is used to send invitations for previously selected user's friends. All a user is left to do is to confirm selection and press “Send”.

Beside JS API methods server API can be used with the help of contacts.sendMessage. method. To eliminate possibility of spam-attacks this method has the following restrictions:

  • The sender of the message must be online when a message is being sent and must be in the application (awareness of sending);
  • If the sender of the message is also an application user – there are no restrictions.
  • If the recipient is not an application user and he or she has no previous correspondence with the sender, then it is not possible to send a message (restriction for making new contacts)
  • If the recipient is not an application user but he or she has previously corresponded with the sender, then a daily limit for sending messages – not more than 100 messages from each user.

To motivate users to keep on using the application a mechanism of system notifications can be used; any user can get notifications regardless of online-status by notify.sendMessage method. Your message will be sent to a user on behalf of system contact “Application manager” and will look like as follows: