Having decided on how to make money on his application a developer starts thinking of ways how to receive payments from users. «Wamba» provides all the necessary tools for billing realization and gives a warning that use of other billing mechanisms is prohibited.

How does platform billing work?

General scheme is as follows:
  • a user activates a paid service;
  • the application calls JS API Pay method and transmits into the call a number of coins you want the user to pay;
  • «Wamba» billing system suggests that the user select the most convenient payment method and processes the payment;
  • after the payment is confirmed the Platform transmits parameters of the payment to the billing-gateway of the developer and awaits a response with the 200-th heading;
  • after receiving the response with the required heading the information is proved to be accepted and the service provided.

What is needed for a successful payment?

Before a payment is made:
  • to enter the address of the billing-gateway correctly (e.g.: in the field «billing URL» in application settings
  • to have a properly functioning script on the given address.
When a payment is made:
  • transmit a number of coins into a call;
  • after receiving payment parameters send a response with the 200-th heading (if you don't get any, the Platform will repeat attempts to call the gateway all day long with extended intervals of time. If after a 24-hour period the response is still not received, the coins are ruturned to the user's account with a corresponding notification).


JS API method, calling forth a payment dialogue: Pay JS API

Parameters sent from the application to the Platform: a number of coins

Parameters sent from the Platform to the developer:
[app_id] => 1 - application number
[oid] => 173952510 - profile id of the payer
[operation_id] => 101914189 - operation (transaction) number, unique for each user payment.
[amount] => 2.00000 - number of coins the user paid in
[amount_developer] => 1.14000 — amount transferred to the developer's account (to convert into rubles – multiply by 34.00)
[time] => unixts - payment time.
[sig] => 6c5cb969eb69115daa029545ee23d4c5 - data signature.

Platform waiting period for the response with the 200-th heading to complete the purchase:

The first call is made right after the transaction processing, the next one – in 5 minutes, the third one – in 10 minutes, and so on with extended intervals. Intervals between calls:

  • 1 => 0 min.,
  • 2 => 5 min.,
  • 3 => 10 min.,
  • 4 => 20 min.,
  • 5 => 40 min.,
  • 6 => 90 min.,
  • 7 => 180 min.,
  • 8 => 360 min.,
  • 9 => 720 min.

Amount transferred to the developer's account is calculated as follows:

Developer comission = (User payment — Payment system comission)*0.5