Developer API


Write a message to the messenger on behalf of a user.


Although messages can be sent by both server API and JS API methods, however we recommend that you use JS API. In future JS API methods for sending messages may have less restrictions than server methods.

Access level: 3 - General access + Right to access user's contacts

Name Required parameter Description
sid +
extra_params A line of additional parameters similar to the one used in achievement.set method
Method restrictions:
For two application users this method has no restrictions (except for common system restrictions). In case a message recipient is not an application user, the following rules are applied:
previous correspondence between the sender and the recipient is required, which means it is not allowed to create new contacts;
on behalf of every subscriber an application can send not more than 100 messages per day and not more than 1 message to each certain contact.
Method response:
    "status" : int,
    "message" : "str",
    "data": {
    "sended" : int,
    "limit" : int //Limit of messages for the current day