Developer API


Standard brief search on Wamba.

Access level: 1 - General access


An output of standard brief search on «Wamba» is made available for server API methods. Extended search is not yet available via API.

Name Required parameter Description
iam I am: (M,F,MM,FF,MF, N)
look_for Looking for: (M,F,MM,FF,MF, N)
age_from Age from
age_to Age to
target Looking for: ("friendship", "love", "marriage", "sex", "other")
with_photo With photo
real_only Real users only
with_web_camera With a web-cam
country_id Country (you can get id of countries, regions, cities and metro stations calling corresponding geo-methods (link))
region_id Region
city_id City
metro_id Metro station
blocks Its functions are the same as of a similar method parameter anketa.getInfo. Blocks are separated with commas: about, location, flags, familiarity, type, favour,other. If this parameter is not specified, blocks info, location and flags are only displayed plus number of photos and videos
ids_only If the parameter is specified (=1) – method returns profile id only, if not – usual method characteristics are preserved.
Ответ метода:
        "status" : int,
        "message" : "str",
        "data": {
        "total": int, //total number of results
        "limit": int, //number of profiles per page
        "info": {
        "oid" : int,
        "name" : "str",
        "login" : "str",
        "gender" : "str",
        "anketa_link" : "str",
        "small_photo_url" : "str",
        "medium_photo_url" : "str",
        "age" : int,
        "is_app_user" : int
        "location": {
        "country" : "str",
        "region" : "str",
        "city" : "str",
        "metro" : "str"
        "flags": {
        "is_vip" : int,
        "is_real" : int,
        "is_intim" : int,
        "is_leader" : int,
        "maketop" : "str",
        "is_online" : int
        "photos_count" : int,
        "videos_count" : int