Developer API


Get all profile fields.

Access level: 1 - General access


This method allows you to get all the profile fields. Information about any «Wamba» user is divided into blocks. On default, if parameter blocks is not specified, the method returns the main block info only, that contains basic information about the user profile (see example of a response).

Name Required parameter Description
oids + List of profile oid separated by commas – not more than 100
logins + Used instead of oids (list of login of profiles separated by commas – not more than 100)
blocks Blocks of profiles separated by commas: about, location, flags, familiarity, type, favour, other
Informative profile blocks:
about - Text block «About me»
location - Private details - location
flags - Profile flags: VIP, real, leader, maketop, sex for money
familiarity - Dating preferences
type - Type
favour - Sexual preferences
other - Other
Method response:
        "status" : int,
        "message" : "str",
        "info": {
        "oid" : int, //profile Id
        "login" : "str", //Login
        "name" : "str", //Name
        "gender" : "str", //Gender
        "anketa_link" : "str", //Profile link
        "small_photo_url" : "str", //Link to small photo
        "medium_photo_url" : "str", //Link to medium photo
        "age" : int, //Age
        "birthdate" : "str", //Birthdate YYYY-MM-DD
        "is_app_user" : int //Is an application user
        "country" : "str", //Country
        "region" : "str", //Region
        "city" : "str", //City
        "metro" : "str" //Metro station
        "about" : "str", //Field «About me»
        "lookfor" : "str", //«Looking for»
        "waitingfor" : "str", // Field «I want to find»
        "targets":[ // looking for
        "stat" : "str",
        "marital" : "str", //Martial status
        "children" : "str", //Children
        "sponsor" : "str" //Sponsor
        "height": int, //Height
        "weight": int, //Weight
        "circumstance": str, //Income
        "constitution" : "str" //Build
        "hairshead": "str", //Hair on the head
        "hairsbody":[ //Hair on the body
        "smoke": str, //Smoker
        "drink": str, //Drinking habits
        "drug": str, //Drugs
        "profession" : "str", //Occupation
        "home" : "str", //Accomodation
        "language":[ //Language
        "routine" : "str", //Day's routine
        "lifepriority":[ //Life priorities
        "religion_name" : "str", //Confession
        "religion_level" : "str", //Devoutness to religion
        "religion_partner" : "str", //Partner's confession
        "race" : "str" //Appearance (European, asian etc.)
        "orientation" : "str", //Orientation
        "sexexcitation":[ //Sexual preferences
        "sexgomo": "str", //Homosexual experience
        "sexgetero": "str", //Heterosexual experience
        "sexoften": "str", //How often would you like to have sex?
        "sexrole": "str", //Your role in sex
        "sexbreast": "str", //Breast size
        "sexpenis": "str", //Penis size
        "sexpriority: "str" //In sex I like
        "avto_name" : "str", //Car brand
        "avto_model" : "str" //Car model
        "brand_name" : "str", //Mobile phone brand
        "model_name" : "str" //Mobile phone model
        "sign" : "str" //Sign of the zodic