Developer API


Get a list of contacts from a given folder

Access level: 3 - General access + Right to access user's contacts


This method returns contacts first from «Favorites» folder, and then from «Common folder» and then from the rest folders until a given limit is reached. If a total number of contacts is less than a given limit – all the contacts are displayed.

Name Required parameter Description
sid +
folder_id On default messages get to «Common» folder and if the parameter is not specified the method returns messages from this folder
online With this parameter the method returns details of those contacts only, which are online at the moment of call. Without it – all the contacts.
limit Limit of requested details (not more than 100, on default - 100)
offset On default = 0
blocks Its functions are the same as of a similar method parameter anketa.getInfo. Blocks are separated with commas: about, location, flags, familiarity, type, favour,other. If this parameter is not specified, blocks info, location and flags are only displayed.
ids_only If the parameter is specified (=1) – method returns profile id only, if not – usual method characteristics are preserved.
Method response:
    "status" : int,
    "message" : "str",
    "data": {
    "oid" : int,
    "login" : "str",
    "name" : "str",
    "gender" : "str",
    "anketa_link" : "str",
    "small_photo_url" : "str",
    "medium_photo_url" : "str",
    "age" : int,
    "is_app_user" : int
    "location": {
    "country" : "str",
    "region" : "str",
    "city" : "str",
    "metro" : "str"
    "flags": {
    "is_vip" : int,
    "is_real" : int,
    "is_intim" : int,
    "is_leader" : int,
    "maketop" : "str",
    "is_online" : int
    "message_count" : int //number of messages