Developer API


Get a list of flags of any profile: VIP, real, leader, maketop, sex for money

Access level: 1 - General Access

Name Required parameter Description
oids + List of oid profiles, separated by commas. RESTRICTION: Number of oid requested must not exceed 30. In case the number exceeds 30, first 30 oid only will be processed.
Method response:
    "status" : int,
    "message" : "str",
    "data": {
    "anketa_id": int, //id of profile
    "is_vip" : int, //is vip
    "is_real" : int, //has a real status
    "is_intim" : int, //sex for money
    "is_leader" : int, //has a user placed a bet to get to the list of leaders
    "maketop" : "str", //has a user raised the profile to the top of search results for money
    "is_online" : int //is online