We are the first!

  • We are the first free social networking site in the world to create an affiliate program with a single database for all our users. From now on, any internet project can establish its own site with a large number of users
  • We were one of the first social dating sites to use SMS messages as a mass payment method. We were also one of the first to introduce the possibility of various payment methods: electronic money, bank cards as well as through payment terminals and remittances
  • We were the first to create a profitable service model that can 'raise the profile up in the search results'
  • We have a special interface and profile listings which enable users to view all users from a chosen region - a strategy that motivates users to be as high as possible in the ratings and search results. It is currently one of our most profitable services
  • We were the first to develop a system that targets profile search (by 2006 our face-to-face search allowed users to look for other users next to them at a particular subway station) and targets advertising in 50 fields of surveys for clients
  • We were the first to establish the “Who's viewed my profile?” service
  • We were the first to establish a user support line. Now we are able to help people directly by phone.
  • We were the first to give our users a chance to get to know each other on any of our partner websites with the help of “singles bar”
  • We invented the service “Connected 24/7”, which enables users to meet and chat with other users without logging in on the internet or revealing their telephone number