You may be wondering how we managed to achieve these results in just nine years. The answer is easy. Because we understand people, we know what they want and need, and we help them to receive the attention they are hoping for by giving them our expert advice.

For instance, were you aware that a profile with photos is seven times more likely to be viewed than a profile without? We always recommend uploading your best pictures; those that illustrate who you really are and how you really look. A nice smile or an interesting glance is always helpful to attract other users’ attention. Avoid using all your photos in which you are wearing sunglasses or those which have been taken in the same place and day. Show us all sides to your personality, because the more photos you have, the easier it will be to show us the real you. And remember, a simple and nice photo can be the perfect way to start a conversation that can result in a real friendship or maybe more.

First impressions are always important, so imagine the effect a good photo could have with a funny, keen and appealing message to go with it! Think about what you want to say, and choose the best style and attitude to impress him or her. Don’t merely say ‘Hi!’ Put some sparkle in your words, be original and fun, and if nothing comes to mind use our Icebreakers to make a first approach original and fascinating.

When you create a good impression others usually want to know more, and the quickest and most effective way is by visiting a user’s profile. That is why we recommend that our users complete their profile in as much depth as they can, explaining about their likes and dislikes, their favourite movies and hobbies as well as their more personal information like recent achievements or failures, their goals and objectives in life, what they value in a person or who their first love was. But keep in mind that providing truthful information only is the most valuable advice we can give. Being forthcoming and honest will prevent you from having problems when meeting! ;)

Finally, we always recommend looking at the site as if it were a bar, a club or even a park. In those places, you chat, dance, play football, have dinner or stare and smile at people, don’t you? You interact with other people and participate in the activities organised. It is the same here. The best way to establish a relationship with other users is by taking advantage of our games and services. By participating in the TOP 100 you’ll be able to chat with people you may never have found in the search results; users who may not fulfil your basic search criteria but could be as interesting as other users, if not more. So be brave and take advantage of our applications and services!

Following all this advice, we can safely say that you will succeed with us! ;)