We are the first freemium social networking site

Our Global Project was launched in 2003 under the name of Wamba. We were the first freemium social networking site, formed by an ambitious team with excellent prospects for the future. We rapidly became the first social network in various countries, with thousands of affiliations and partnerships. Since then, we have gained millions of registered users and currently have a lot of active users worldwide. Our short-term goal is to expand our successful concept of social dating in the western European countries, with the objective of providing a safe and entertaining site where users can chat, meet new people and even find romance.


Andrew Bronetsky Managing Director
Since being appointed Director in 2005, Andrey has proven himself to be a true leader for «Wamba». It was in that same year that the Company saw a rapid growth and enjoyed market leader status in online dating. Before «Wamba», Andrey was Director of contextual advertising firm, «Begun», which at that time was also a market leader.
Iaroslav Sergeev Executive Director
Iaroslav knows «Wamba» inside out; from the technical aspects to the staff it employs. He has a strong technical background and has worked in various fields and capacities: PHP Developer, Architect, Team lead, IT Director and finally, Executive Director of «Wamba». A broad experience enables Iaroslav to have a clear overview of any problems and issues arising from managing this Internet Company.
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We have more than 30,000 partners, 12 million active users and over 2.5 million unique visitors per day. These facts place us as one of the highest performing international social networks. We can therefore proudly say that we know how to network!

We are the first!

From the very beginning, we've offered dozens of innovative services, such as 'Photoline', 'Become a Leader' and 'Raise up’. Now, many of these are being used by other social networks around the world.

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We're an innovative online company, using the latest web technology to provide our users with maximum flexibility and comfort for socialising and building relationships, regardless of location or their connection method.

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