Requirements to the materials

Requirements for Banner




jpeg, gif, swf — maximum 50 kB
html — maximum 2 kB

Requirements for the html-code of external systems:

The answer for 0.1 seconds. In response delay reserve the right to change the code on the cover graphics.

When placing the swf and html have to be provided to gif-stub, link, and viola.

Preparation of Flash-banners:

on (release) {
    getURL(link1, "_blank");

At the same Banner system will substitute the appropriate link in the banner, you specify the interface.

The code for the simultaneous consideration of impressions and clicks by two banner systems.

The first option

You have to write to flash a challenge pixel, which will be on your side of the account shows a flush. That is, in the first frame of video is necessary to register a call from your pixel BS:

if (ar_init == undefined)
    var ar_init = 1;
    loadMovieNum("pixel" + Math.round(Math.random() * 1000000), 500);
} // end if
_root._visible = true;

An example of actual code for the prescription to account for pixel hits in a flash:

if (ar_init == undefined)
    var ar_init = 1
    + Math.round(Math.random() * 1000000),"_level500")

Clicks to consider simpler. To do this, a link within the flash is indicated as usual:

on (release)
    getURL(link1, "_blank");

When you click on this link will appeal to our krutilki, it also contains a link that leads (provocative treatment) to the page a partner deems click on your side and will spread from the same user to the advertiser's site.

The second option

Next to the banner is placed a little controlling Banner-pixel size, eg 0x0, with the protection of the cache, for example," + Math.round(Math.random() * 1000000),"_level500 He believes shows on your side.

A clique finds a link from our BS through your BS, for example, such a worthwhile

Specifications for the flash-banners

In order for a banner was placed in our machine is necessary to conform to the following requirements:

  • Used by permission: 240x400;
  • Maximum size: 75Кб;
  • The presence of the stub file in .gif or .jpg;
  • Smooth animation (no flicker).

Processed variables

The variables that are passed to the machine in the banner. Used to specify the transition, and personification.

  • link1 – address clickthrough;
  • target – how to open links by default in new window;
  • nm – the name of the user logged on users;
  • photo – link to photos of the user logged on users;
  • age – age of the user logged out of application forms;
  • gender – gender of the user logged on users;
  • city_name – from the town of user logged on users;


If we consider the following recommendations, your banner will stand out from the other flash-divided.

  • do not use flash for static banners;
  • Package is preferable to write the ActionScript 3, it will save your banner on the jerks and sticky, and the client machine from overload;
  • the frame rate for animated banner ads do not specify more than 30;
  • better to make a custom menu unavailable, and the banner is scaleable;
  • between the active layer that handles mouse press, and other elements of the banner is better to lay a mask the size of a banner to chance or forgotten nespryatannye outside banner did not really spend resources and do not irritate the user;
  • not recommended to try to protect or to confuse the source code - it will reduce our confidence in the banner.